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Business Terms and Conditions

1. All orders are considered binding. The customer confirms by sending an order that it agrees with the business conditions, payment options, delivery conditions and complaint-handling rules and that it has acquainted itself with the provisions on personal data protection.

2. Please state precise and accurate data in the order form in your interest. Every ordershall be confirmed by an e-mail message after it is sent; it is the final opportunity presented to check-in such message-whether the data stated in the order is correct. Should there be any error in the order for any reason, please contact us immediately.

3. Should the prices change between the processing and dispatching of the order, the prices stated in
the dispatched order shall apply.

4. In the case of any confusion or ambiguities, the seller shall reserve the right to contact the customer by phone or e-mail to confirm, verify or clarify the order. If the customer cannot be contacted within two days, the order shall be automatically cancelled.

Orders for Goods– Order Processing if the volume of goods in the warehouse is Low
Goods may be sold via the Internet or at VUP’s brick-and-mortar shop (hereinafter the “Shop“). During the processing of an Internet order, the ordered goods may be sold out in the Shop. Customers should expect that the goods may not be available, and in such a case they shall be informed that their order cannot be performed.

Delivery Conditions:

1. The place of delivery shall be the address stated by the purchaser in the user’s registration (unless stated otherwise).

2. Goods shall be dispatched via Czech Post Office within approx. five business days following the order confirmation unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

3. If the goods are paid by interbank transfer, the goods shall be dispatched after the payment is credited to the account of Palacký University in Olomouc.

Payment Method:

All prices stated in the e-shop include the VAT.

Discounted goods cannot be further discounted.

Interbank transfer

1. Wholesale customers or entities with Tax Identification No. (DIČ) (such as libraries, booksellers, institutions, etc.) shall state the invoice number as the variable symbol of the payment.
Since the prices stated in the e-shop include the VAT, the Tax Identification No. stated by the customer shall be verified and thereafter an invoice with prices reduced by the VAT shall be sent to the customer. The customer shall individually fulfill its tax duty in its country. An automatic order from the e-shop shall only be informative in such case. The subsequent invoice shall be binding.
We shall charge postage and packaging fees.

2. Individuals shall state the order number as the variable symbol of the payment.
  We shall charge postage and packaging fees.

In the case of on-line payments, we shall charge postage and packaging fees.

International account number (IBAN): CZ09 0100 0000 1910 9633 0227, SWIFT CODE: KOMB CZ PP.
Transaction fees for payments from foreign countries shall be paid by the customer.

Complaint Handling Rules

Complaints shall be settled in compliance with applicable Czech legal regulations (i.e. pursuant to
the Civil Code for individuals and the Commercial Code for legal entities).

These Complaint Handling Rules shall not apply to any publications purchased in other shops, including Internet shops.

Complaint handling procedure:

1. Please inform us of your complaint by phone or e-mail.

2. Send the goods by registered mail to our address.

3. Indicate the reason for the complaint and attach such statement to the consignment, including
a copy of the relevant tax document.

We shall settle your complaint as soon as possible, no later than within 30 days following the date of the complaint.

All costs incurred in connection with the complaint shall be borne by the purchaser.

The seller shall be liable for any production defects of the goods occurring at the moment of
the takeover.

The seller shall not be liable for any goods that were damaged during the transportation.

Order cancellation:

Orders may be cancelled by e-mail at or by calling +420 585 631 786 within 24 hours following the order confirmation.

In the case of any unclarities or ambiguities you can contact us:

In writing at the address: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, Vydavatelství – prodejna odborné literatury, Biskupské nám. 1, 771 11 Olomouc.

By phone/fax at: +420 585 631 786.

By e-mail at:

Personal data protection:

We need to know some of your personal data to be able to offer you our services. We respect your privacy and therefore we exercise our best efforts to minimize the amount of necessary data required. We handle and protect personal data against misuse in full compliance with legal regulations, in particular with the Personal Data Protection Act.  

Personal data

Data requested from purchasers:

Name and surname, full postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Said data is necessary to identify you and communicate with you, to carry out the sale of the relevant goods and to account for the payment for the goods.

If the purchaser is a company, we need to know the address of its registered office/delivery address and its Tax Identification No. (DIČ).

Your consent:

By using our Internet shop, you agree with collecting and using your personal data in the above-mentioned extent and agree with the above-mentioned rules.


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