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Christologické a ekleziologické inspirace v díle Huga Rahnera
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Christologické a ekleziologické inspirace v díle Huga Rahnera
Janšta, Vojtěch
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1. vydání, 2017, 358 stran, A5, měkká vazba,

This work deals with christological and ecclesiological topics in the work of Hugo Rahner (1900-1968). This famous patrologist, church historian and kerygmatic theologian at the University of Innsbruck oncentrated his “theological heart” into refl ections on Christ and his Church, which are especially in our land almost unknown. The most inspiring Christological message of this author is undoubtedly the theology of Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is most elaborated on the pierced side of our crucified Savior. From this core Rahner´s ecclesiology must be understood, which is distinguished by the close relation to Christ and by the symbolic theology of the Church Fathers.

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