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Adam Michna of Otradovice – Composer
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Adam Michna of Otradovice – Composer
Sehnal, Jiří
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1. vydání, 2016, 240 stran, B5, měkká vazba,

Adam Michna z Otradovic (1600-1676) is an important seventeenth-century Czech composer. As a town organist in Jindřichův Hradec from 1628, he composed and published only church music. 1) three collections of Czech spiritual songs for 4 to 5 voices to his own poetic texts, which are valued as the gems of Czech baroque poetry. 2) three collections of Latin liturgical compositions for solo voices, choir, and various musical instruments. In these works, Michna combines the expressive techniques of the music of his contemporaries with an admirable understanding of rhetorical figures. The life of Adam Michna is described on the basis of the entire cultural and political situation of seventeenth-century Bohemia. Both areas of Michna's oeuvre are analysed, and placed into historical context.

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